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JT Foxx Live is the main place to see where one of the top platform speakers, JT Foxx, will take his expertise next. The World's #1 Coach and Strategist and his team of coaches travel the globe to 53 different countries bringing top business, real estate and branding content to entrepreneurs.

As a child, JT grew up with a stutter and social anxiety but fought his way to the top to become an entrepreneurial tycoon. Through attending business events and investing in coaching, he created his empire that continues to expand today. He is a TV personality being featured on CNBC and BBC, a best-selling author, real estate mogul, branding genius and philanthropist. He takes everything he has done and learned in business and brings it to entrepreneurs all over the world through free events, 2-day masterclasses and even multi-day conferences.

With his motto "Powered by your Success", he continues to create success stories with struggling entrepreneurs and real estate investors. By bringing his team of business coaches, celebrity entrepreneurs and successful students together, he puts passion back into hard work. Through current and ahead of the curve content at countless JT Foxx Live events, entrepreneurs and real estate investors can begin to change their businesses and lives for the better!

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